Farm to Barrel, the Art of Distilling in Seattle


The artisan, farm-to-table spirit has deep roots in the Pacific Northwest and is now seen in Seattle’s-own distillery market. Home to over 27 micro distilleries, Seattle is one of the fastest growing players in America.


Craft distillery locations spiked in 2008 after the Washington State Legislature passed its original craft distillery law. Post prohibition the new law gave small distilleries the opportunity to sell their products and offer free half ounce tastings onsite.


Dr. Stephen Jones, Director, WSU Bread Lab shares that, “43 percent of the farmers in Washington are west of the Cascades. Anything that we can do to give them more options and better options for their crops is going to help keep farming in this part of the state. Distilling is one of the options. Low protein wheat that may not work for local bakers or even the local feed markets are perfect for distillers.”

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