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The WINERAM Experience

What do you get when you combine a few wine-o’s with a couple of film buffs? It’s called The Wine Region A Minute (WINERAM) Experience, a 6-part Web Series and 2-part TV documentary, supported by Tourism-New Zealand, highlighting the culture, natural beauty, activities and adventure sports every NZ wine region in the country has to offer!

Founder of WINERAM, Colin West, a Washington native and Washington State alum started this project in an effort to combine his passion and knowledge of wine with his love for travel.

“Right now the misconception is wine’s connection with older generations and money and art, whereas where I’ve been in the industry for the past seven years it’s usually about going for a surf in the morning with the winemaker then going to work in the vineyards,” said West. “We’re introducing wine to all our viewers in a much more lighthearted way than a lot of people have done in the past.” This includes having top sportspeople, like local mountain biker Josh Clark and surfer Maz Quinn, talk about wine.

West’s mission of the series is to make his Auckland-based co-host, Jo Holley, fall in love with wine while she makes him fall in love with NZ.

Sounds like a fun show! I can’t wait to visit New Zealand! Good luck WINERAM!

For more information on this project go to, in Twitter @WINERAM and their Facebook Page.

Watch the official trailer below:

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