Say Yes to the Shoes!

In Saigon there are a lot of shops that don’t have fixed prices and one of them happens to be a shoe store that I occasionally pass. One day I decided to slip inside to have a look around. My hopes were low because I only rarely find shoes that are my size in Vietnam but low and behold I found an awesome pair of shoes that fit perfectly. The problem: no price tag. This meant I had to play the bargaining game; she gives me a price, I cut it by 50%, and hopefully we meet somewhere in the middle. This lady wouldn’t budge. So, being a great bargainer I walked. A week goes by. I return. Same asking price, same comeback offer, I walk again. Another week goes by. This time I make some progress, she budges a little but again I walk. Then I play a game called the hard freeze, I wait two weeks then once again I return. The lady remembers me at this point and the negotiation was much more like the typical market chess match. We met in the middle and I got the coolest pair of shoes in all of Saigon:

This is by far the best bargaining that I have ever done, I guess all my practice in Saigon’s markets finally paid off! Usually, I’m more of a buy on the spot shopper but for some reason I really wanted to play hardball for these shoes. The real question is, was all the time I spent bargaining worth the money I saved? I don’t know, but I did feel mildly accomplished as I walked out of the store with the shoes under my arm.

For all my fellow bargainers, what was the best bargain you ever won? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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