Why I LOVE my job!

I couldn’t resist sharing this sweet post my friend, Lisa, wrote about my blog today. Lisa and I met in a Saigon book club  and were introduced to each other as the “bloggers” of the club. Since we were so techno savvy, we quickly became good friends; she even gave me a convection oven for Christmas! Oh, did I mention she is one of the nicest people I have ever met?! Here’s what she said:

I’m pretty sure Angela Schonberg does not really know how much I admire her. Her Travelfish blog is not only a source of inspiration for me as a blogger, but also full of information that has made my Saigon adventure so much richer. For example, I now frequent the tailor she highlighted in one of her posts. When I went to Phu Quoc, I would have never ventured to the beautiful Suoi Tranh waterfalls there had I not read her blog. One of her posts featured a tour called Saigon After Dark, which is now a must-do whenever I have visitors. In fact, I have now taken that tour four times and have referred many others. And thanks to Angela, I am now on Twitter, which has so enhanced my blogging experience. Her insights are spot on. Do something nice for yourself and visit her blog:


You can read the rest of her article and many more great posts on Lisa’s website Saigon Love or follow her on Twitter at @MissPaul100.




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  • Lisa Boudreau


    WE are techno savvy?!?! YOU are...I'm just a wannabe! Thanks for the kind words and for leading the techno way! See you in June puddin', Lisa :))

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