How To Make Banh Xeo

Finished shooting the second half of my TV interview! They need a couple shots of me working and walking around town and we can call it a wrap! Speaking of wraps, after cruising the downtown streets of Saigon and enjoying some coffee in the park, that’s what today’s portion of the interview was about: making banh xeo!


I’ll admit, I thought banh xeo would be pretty easy to make and, for the first few minutes, it was. You’re going to need some banh xeo flour, pork, shrimp, bean sprouts, and a plate of mustard leaves and lettuce that you will be using later. We also decided to add some green onions to the batter for color. Our cooking guide says that banh xeo is a special occasion family meal that involves the whole family. The men cook the meat while the ladies make the batter and arrange the mustard leaves on the plate in a decorative fashion.

Like I said, starting things up is easy. All you have to do is put things into the pan, which isn’t that crazy. First goes the batter, followed by the meat, and finally the sprouts. I was throwing things in like a pro until, in the middle of my first attempt, I hit a speed bump; flipping it. It turns out, this dish isn’t so simple to make. I scooped it up with the spatula and slammed it hard into the pan, like it was a pancake, and BOOM, broken banh xeo. On my second try I succeeded in the flip but broke my banh xeo on the transfer from the pan to the plate. On my third try it felt a lot smoother and I was more patient in flipping and transferring the delicate banh xeo landing me much better results. My first banh xeo got scrambled, the second one broke in the center but, my third one was a winner! Trust me it’s not as easy as it looks.

First, cook the pork and shrimp.

Second, mix Banh xeo mix, water and chopped green onions.

Third, pour some oil on the pan and then add the batter.

Fourth, shrimp, pork, sprouts, check! Then cover for 3 minutes, flip and voila.

Fifth, grab a friend and prepare mustard leaves, lettuce and sprouts on separate wrapping plate.

3rd time's the charm!

Wrapped and ready to eat!

VTV producer and photographer aka the taste testers!

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