Bangkok Bound

On Sunday I got some great news, I was getting the weekend off !  A beach weekend was my first thought but, when I got home, I decided to go bigger! So, this weekend, while Vietnam celebrates King Hung’s Anniversary, Max and I will be headed to Bangkok!

Image by AdaptorPlug

Since it is my first visit to Thailand, I am super excited!

We splurged a little, so our hotel is on the fancier side. It’s right in the heart of downtown Bangkok, walking distance from Lumphini Park and the shopping mecca that is Central World and Siam Paragon. Fueled by Thai food we are sure to have some fun!

I’m not exactly sure what to expect, I’ve gotten mixed reviews. I’m imagining that it is a more modern version of HCMC; slightly cleaner, bigger buildings, higher prices, normal power lines, those sorts of things. It also seems like there is more sightseeing in the ‘City of Angels’, which is right up my alley. Definitely checking out the Grand Palace, the more popular Wats, and hitting as many street food stalls as possible. We’ll see what I else I get in to!

Plus, since it is a little more westernized, I’m also looking forward to doing some things that will remind me of home, like deciding not to have McDonalds!

Excited to see some sights, eat some great food, and enjoy my weekend! Hopefully this is the first of many visits!

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