The Battle of Little Big Pomelo

After months of agonizingly waiting, I finally got to try a Pomelo!  Be prepared, if you dive into one of these bad boys, you’re in for some work.  After fighting through the super thick rind you get to navigate around numerous seeds and thick, membrane like ‘dividers.’  I guess the lesson that I learned is that you should peel the pomelo, like it is an orange, and not cut it in half and spend the next hour, spoon in hand, getting a wrist workout!  Touche market lady, next time I will listen!
Fruit Name: Pomelo
Color: Pale green to yellow rind on the outside with a white, sometimes pink inside.
Size: 15-25 cm in diameter
Weight: 1-2 kg
Taste: Similar in texture to a grapefruit but, with a thicker rind. The pomelo is sweeter than a grapefruit and lacks that usual grapefruit sharpness that everyone tries to cover up with sugar.
How To Eat – Cut in half and eat like a grapefruit or peel like an orange and enjoy.
Also, you’re lesson in fruit history: the pomelo is the parent fruit of the grapefruit.  The grapefruit is an orange pomelo hybrid.  And to think, if it wasn’t for some ancient farmer making crazy fruit in his fruit lab grandparents, across the world, wouldn’t have a fruit to trick little kids into trying.  I remember the first time my grandpa offered me a bite of grapefruit and I was like, ‘WOW a GIANT orange!’  The joke was apparently on me!  Very funny grandpa, next time you can set-up your own Facebook!

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