Life Lessons In HCMC

Below is a sample of some answers to questions for my Seattelites back home wondering about my daily life here in HCMC.
YES’s, NO’s & BUT’s About Saigon (more to come.)
YES, you will find delicious pho and Vietnamese sandwiches on every street corner BUT, beware some food carts are cleaner than others.
NO, you can not drink the tap water BUT, there’s plenty of bottled water to go around.
NO, you will not find a Starbucks here, BUT if you ask the locals they will let you know that they would much prefer Vietnamese iced coffee aka Cafe Su Da anyday.
YES, you can get a hamburger in Saigon now that Carl’s Jr. & Hard Rock Cafe are here BUT, it doesn’t mean I still don’t miss In ‘N Out, Five Guys & Dick’s.
YES, cheap, designer look-alike clothing can be found in markets such as Ben Thanh BUT, why buy that, when you can stop by a tailor and create an exact replica, made just for you.
NO, I do not drive a car in HCMC, are you crazy? But, Taxi’s are cheap and Xe Om’s* are even cheaper.
YES, Vietnamese love to barter so, be sure to have your bartering shoes on when you hit the markets or negotiating with a Xe Om.
*A Xe Om is a motorbike taxi. A man sitting/sleeping** on his motorbike on a street corner with two helmets on his bike.
**Yes, you can sleep on a motorbike, it’s crazy but it happens…ALL the time.
In a city thousands of miles away from my own hometown I sometimes find it hard to describe to my family and friends just how busy and bustling this city truly is. This collection, of time lapse videos, displays footage from rooftops all around town.

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